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Fixing a Computer

Our Services

Below are just a few of the services we provide. You can also book appointments directly from this page.

Computer Cleanup (The Works)

Computer Store

We don't mean just dusting off the keyboard, this is a full overhaul. 

Data Recovery 

Hard Drive Backup

Recovering data such as pictures, documents, and anything else of importance.

Router and Wireless Troubleshooting

Router and Wifi.jpg

Is  your Wi-Fi less than exceptional, don't worry we can definitely fix that. Need something configured in your router we can do that as well. 

Virus | Malware | Ransomeware Removal

Covid 19

Remove all traces of  a viruses, malware , and ransomware that is slowing your system down.

Cracked Screen Repair

Smashed Laptop Screen

Cracked screen repair for almost and PC and Some MACs depending on the model number.

Other Services

Computer Repair

If we didn't mention a service that sounds similar to the computer problem you are having let us know.   

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